February 2018  - ​This month brings us Valentine's day and Ash Wednesday (the beginning of lent) on the same day. Lent is generally a time for giving something up, but this year I want to do something for lent instead. I have decided that I want to try and pray more every day. Even if it just to quietly speak to God on my own, I believe this is something that I can do to increase my spiritual faith and praise of God. It is also something that I can do to help others.

Prayers for Healing - in the wake of the Me Too movement and allegations of abuse within the entertainment industry and indeed other industries, which have affected both men and women alike, I wanted to say a prayer as follows:

​Dear Lord please bring to justice all those who have caused harm to others in the form of sexual violence. Please also protect the survivors of such violence and make sure that they are given the right support to heal in their own time. Thank you Lord for hearing my prayer Amen.

MARCH 2018

​Well here we are and it is almost Springtime. The clocks will soon go forward and I can already see the daffodils sprouting up everywhere! Easter has fallen early this year so we look forward to our Easter Eggs and celebrating the resurrection of Our Lord. This month in the UK also sees the celebration of mothers day and I always think of Our Lady, Mary the Blessed Virgin Mother of God. This is the one mother that everyone can pray to for healing and help. With that in mind I would like to offer up the following prayer:

Hail Mary full of grace the Lord is with thee, blessed art thou amongst women and blessed is the fruit of Thy womb Jesus. Holy Mary Mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death Amen.

​I wish you all a very happy, peaceful and inspired Springtime:-)

The Gospel Butterfly


January 2018
Welcome to January and here we are at the beginning of another year. This year I will be mainly concentrating on HEALTH, for both for myself and others.

Health problems affect everyone at some point in their lives, and so it is important that we remain patient and kind for both ourselves and others particularly when dealing with chronic illnesses.

Jesus Christ himself was a healer and his endless love for all people encouraged him to bring hope and healing to those who he encountered, who asked him for help. Thank you Lord for helping me today and help me to follow in your ways towards the light of your goodness Amen.


Big thanks to Stella and friends from St Paul's and St Mary's RC church in Nottingham for their kind donation of hand knitted scarves.  These items will be sent off to charities, helping women to rebuild their lives after domestic abuse.