​​​​​​​Here are some books I would recommend:

Books to help with faith

The Bible both the Old Testament and the New Testament can offer a lot of inspiration that can help you through difficult times of your life and also help deepen your faith

God's Bucket List by Teresa Tomeo - this book is excellent for those who are looking to deepen their faith with God. Well paced,  easy to relate to and written by a great author.

The Autobiography of St Therese of Lisieux The Story of a Soul- A wonderful book about a Saint who continues to be a constant source of inspiration to me.

Catholics come home by Tom Peterson- A great book, especially for those who have been away from the church for a while and would like to reconnect with God and their faith.

From Gangland to Promised Land by John Pridmore- a fantastic book about redemption, written by an inspiring author. John Pridmore's journey to faith continues to educate people around the world, about the power of faith and the goodness that can evolve as a result.

Miracles of John Paul II by Pawel Zuchniewicz-  an inspiring read about the power of faith.

The Power of a Praying Woman by Stormie Omartian - An inspiring book, which I recommend to any woman, who would like to deepen their faith through prayer.

Knit Together-Discover God's pattern for your life -Debbie Macomber  A fantastic read to help you set goals and work towards them in your life. The author Debbie is a real inspiration and her determination to succeed is a wonderful motivator for us all, I wish her much continued success and blessings.

Books to help with addiction

By the Power of God - A guide to early AA Groups and forming similar groups today- interesting and thought provoking read for Christians in recovery.

AA the twelve steps and AA the Big Book- both books are inspirational in helping you on the road to recovery

Living Sober (published by AA) - this is a wonderful book as it deals with the problems that people often face when beginning their sober journey. It is one thing to stop drinking, but it is quite another to stay stopped for good. For more information about any of these books please click on this link books to help with sobriety this is a link to a UK site.

For those of you living in the USA and are looking for literature to help with sobriety please click books to help with USA sobriety

Books to help with depression and/or healing from emotional abuse

Mindfulness for Black Dogs & Blue Days- Finding a path through depression by Richard Gilpin - informed look on depression by someone who has experienced the illness.

The Catholic guide to depression - Aaron Kheriaty MD with Fr John Cihak, STD - an investigation into the illness of depression from a catholic perspective.

The Drama of Being a Child- The search for the True Self - Alice Miller - looking the effects of infant trauma at personal and social levels.

Books about knitting

Knitty Gritty knitting for the absolute beginner- Aneeta Patel - fantastic book with projects for the beginner knitter

Knitting for Peace -Betty Chrisitiansen - A book for those who are interested in both the history of knitting and how it can be used to help others. Includes some great projects for the novice and advanced knitter alike.

Knitty Gritty the next steps - Aneeta Patel - another great book from Aneeta illustrating new projects for you to learn and make.


October/November/December 2018

So forgive me folks if I seem a bit lazy on the old updating of this page, but things are a little busy. I have just started a new job and have now upgraded from part time work to full time, so my website has taken a back seat for the time being. However I am continuing to read the bible on a daily basis and I am 'trying' to say the rosary more regularly, as I feel this devotion to Our Lady brings me a great deal of peace and hope.

One quote I am fond of from the bible is as follows:  'Seek the Lord and his strength, seek his presence continually' Psalm 105:4

I hope this update finds you well and once I have more news, I will be sure to update you. Until then God bless love from Anita xx

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