Welcome to Healing and Faith in 2019  this year I will be looking at how we can improve aspects of our lives through both healing and faith.


Love and relationships

The following books I can recommend for those who are 'in between relationships' and may want to look at a new perspective:

In the meantime - an excellent book by Iyanla Vanzant is one that I can highly recommend. I read it over 20 years ago and it not only gave me a fresher perspective on relationships, but it also enabled me to get on with my life in a more positive way.

Are you the one for me ? - another good read about relationships this is written by Barbara De Angelis - it is particularly useful if you find yourself falling for the wrong person over and over again. It can help with rethinking your choices in the future.

Dealing with grief after the loss of a loved one

There is no easy answer or recommendation with this. The main thing is time...the first year is the hardest. The first Christmas, the first birthday, the first anniversary...I am afraid it is a series of dealing with 'firsts'. It is mainly a case of putting one foot in front of the other, until the pain (and it will) starts to lessen as more time passes.

I have no book recommendations for this, but I am sure there are plenty if you

Google books on 'how to deal with grief'. For me personally I would advise going to see a counsellor who specialises in grief counselling. You can access this through going to see your local GP, or you can self refer if you live locally here in Nottinghamshire by choosing Lets talk wellbeing

The other thing that can help is by praying, or asking others to pray for you. This can prove comforting when you are going through a difficult time. 


As someone who has suffered with depression on and off since I was 14 (I am now 50) I feel I can offer a little advice on this subject.  The main thing to remember is that there is no 'one size fits all' remedy, we are all different and hence we will need different kinds of support, depending on our circumstances.

I was diagnosed with clinical depression around 12 years ago and I have been on  anti-depressants ever since. I am not suggesting that this is the route to go down for everyone, (I personally know people who are dead against taking medication for depression and that is their choice and I respect that) but this has worked for me.

Another option is 'talking therapy' this can be in the form of counselling on an individual basis or group therapy. It really depends on what you feel comfortable with. I would strongly advise anyone who feels they are struggling with depression to access medical advice from their doctor as soon as possible and discuss what the best options are for them.

Knowledge is another factor, which can make life easier in trying to get help. Find out what depression is and what are the different treatment options available to you.

Keep going - Winston Churchill once said 'When you are going through hell keep going!' and he should know as he suffered from depression himself. There is no overnight cure for depression, however with time and the right treatment life does get better and you will be able to see things from a more positive outlook. In turn this will enable you to live your life in a happier and more peaceful way.

On the right I have highlighted some resources on this subject, that you may find useful.



Addiction can present itself in many different forms. The addictions that I would like to focus on are substance misuse with drugs and/or alcohol. If you, or someone you know are abusing drugs or alcohol, there are many different organisations that can offer help and support. It is never too late to get help, and as someone who has successfully given up alcohol for over 20 years, I can vouch for that fact :-)

The following organisations can offer help and support:

AA (UK site)

AA (USA site)

For more organisations that offer help and support with addiction please visit my links page.

Other books I am currently reading:

The Journey -How to live by faith in an uncertain world -Billy Graham

Never Give Up - Joyce Meyer

Knit and Nibble - This is an interesting book written by a man who struggled with depression and came out the other side. He has found solace through being creative - an inspiring read.

The Gospel Butterfly