One of my favourite prayers: The Hail Mary. 

​Hail Mary, full of grace the Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou amongst women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb Jesus. Holy Mary mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death Amen.

Lighting a candle - This can often be an easy way to connect with the Lord, as you can concentrate on the flame to still your mind and pray in silence. I often like to light a candle at night and stare at the flame. It is best to do this without distraction so put the tv on mute for a while or your phone on silent, so you can have a little peace in your life. (Don't forget to blow out the candle when you have finished!)

I would like to go back to church but I was put off by media coverage involving scandal and this has left me feeling confused and upset?

Whilst it is understandable that people have raised questions about these issues, the Pope has apologised profusely to all innocent victims and continues to promote zero tolerance to any form of abuse within the church. Unfortunately we do not live in a perfect world but as a result of previous scandals tougher screening measures for all staff have been put in place to keep people safe. If you are still concerned and would like a more informed explanation it would be wise to contact your local church pastor who can answer any questions you have in a more in depth manner.

I want to pray but how do I start?

This is easy, just start talking to God and ask him for help. Obviously you don't have to start having a full blown conversation aloud while your on the way to work (or maybe you do if it's Monday morning lol).. just give yourself a couple of minutes to sit down and ask God quietly in your mind for something you may need for example:

Dear Lord, please help me to get through this day as peacefully as possible Amen.

This is a simple prayer to start out with. Once you are comfortable with the idea of praying you could look at saying other prayers such as the Hail Mary or the Our Father quietly to yourself when you set aside a couple of minutes  each day to wind down and thank God for getting you through the day.

Praying the Rosary

This is a wonderful way to connect with Our Lady and it can

provide a great sense of peace to those who pray it regularly. To

find out more visit Come pray the

Below are some common questions that have been asked and I hope my answers will help.

Why go to church? 

 I have found through personal experience that in order to deepen your friendship with God it is important to attend church not only to visit and pay your respects to Him but to understand more about why Our Lord Jesus Christ died on the cross and how deep his love is for us. This helps to strengthen faith and helps us heal as christians as a whole.

Another way of explaining it is if you had a close friend you would want to visit them on a regular basis because you care for them and want to share your life experiences with them. Well in the same way God is your friend, so the best way of getting to meet up with him for a chat is to attend a church service.

What benefits will I receive from praying and going to church ?

I can only speak from personal experience but since attending mass and praying on a fairly regular basis my life has become more peaceful and positive. I no longer feel such despair when looking at all the crazy things that go on in the world, because I have God in my life whom I can talk to, so I never feel alone.

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