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Devotion to Our Lady

Our Lady has long been prayed to in times of sorrow and distress. As the mother of Our Lord Jesus she understands people who are suffering, after having seen her only son crucified on the cross.

Praying the rosary daily, is a wonderful way to honour Our Lady and it can provide you with many graces. For more information about this  please visit Rosary Benefits

The importance of women in the church

As a women I feel it is important that my voice be heard, whether that is in my relationship with my boyfriend, my working life or my prayers to God. I feel that women have always had a real presence in the church and I would like to take this opportunity to highlight some of the women that continue to inspire me in my faith today:

Our Lady the blessed virgin Mary

As the mother of Jesus, Mary had a huge role to undertake and she did this willingly. Her faith in God and her son knew no bounds, and she has long been the source of prayer for people, who know that she can offer up our prayers to the Lord, so that our needs will be met according to His will.

Mary I feel, is the great communicator. Through her visions around the world, she has inspired many to pray and believe in the Lord.

Tyburn Nuns - London

The Tyburn Nuns have been a tower of strength and support to me personally by praying for me, during times that I have needed spiritual help. These nuns are devoted to Eucharistic Adoration, and if you would like to find out more about these wonderful nuns and the work they do please visit their website

Our Lady and the Tabby Cat

Did you know that there is a reason that tabby cats have the letter M on their forehead? Well legend has it,  that long ago when the precious baby Jesus was born, a cat gave birth to a litter of kittens in the same stable where Mary was in labour. Once the baby Jesus was born he was wrapped in swaddling clothes and laid in a manger but was still cold, so the mother tabby cat jumped into the manager and laid beside the baby Jesus to keep him warm. Mary the mother of Jesus was so touched by this cat's kindness that she petted the cat's head and from then on, all tabby cats have the letter M  for Mary on their forehead.

Now I don't know how true this is, but as a cat owner, I know my cat likes to snuggle up to me to keep warm, so who knows?

Interview with Father Dave Heney

I am delighted to introduce Father Dave Heney who has agreed to be interview for my Gospel Buttefly website on the subject of Our Lady.

How did I become a priest?
I was inspired by both the bad example of our Pastor in the parish where I grew up and the wonderful example of our Associate Pastor at the same time. I learned from both how not to lead people to Christ and how to better lead people to Christ.

What is the best part of Priesthood?
Jesus came to show us how to find lasting happiness. I enjoy seeing that work in the lives of my parishioners. Most of all, I enjoy saying Mass, which is the main gift that Our Lord gave to us to celebrate every day. The Mass is especially powerful at the Sacrament of Marriage and at Funerals. when people are most open to the power of love in their life. 

How is Our Lady important to me in my ministry?
The first time that Mary speaks is to ask a question! She therefore honors everyone who has ever had a question about God's plan for their life. God can only accomplish His plan once we have it understood, just as Mary requested, so that our choice to follow is as freely given as Mary's was. Her final words are spoken at Cana, "Do whatever He tells you." Every question we might have about our life can be answered by simply following what Our Lord says.

How is Mary important to the Church as a whole?
Marian Apparitions have occurred around the world and in every culture, showing the universal application of her gift of Our Lord for our lasting happiness.

What lesson can we learn from our study of Our Lady?
Mary always kept her promises. She had earlier taken a promise of celibacy to God and so questions the Angel Gabriel how God could now ask her now to conceive a child. However, once she understands, she accepts. We understand from this account that God always desires to work together with our human intellect to accomplish His mission of salvation. God never imposes His will on us, but always proposes, as Pope St. John Paul II famously said. 

Mr. George Esseff, of my former parish of St. Paschal Baylon in Thousand Oaks, California, came up with the idea. He asked Michael Emerson, a noted TV and Film Producer to make it happen, and filmed it at St. Paschal's.

What makes me happy?
I am the happiest when I can apply our Catholic faith to a problem that a parishioner might have, and see that it produced a good result. I am especially happy when the Mass is that event that changes a person's life.

What is my favorite prayer to Our Lady?
The Hail Mary says it all!

What are all the different devotions to Mary?
I think there are about 18 masses during the Liturgical year dedicated to different aspects of Mary's life. I am mainly focused on those, as a parish priest who celebrates these masses.

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